A new ERA for Research and Innovation

On 30 September, the Commission adopted a Communication on a new European Research Area for Research and Innovation. Based on excellence, the new European Research Area will improve Europe’s research and innovation landscape, accelerate the EU’s transition towards climate neutrality and digital leadership, support its recovery from the societal and economic impact of the coronavirus crisis, and strengthen its resilience against future crises.

The Communication sets out strategic objectives and actions to be implemented in close cooperation with the Member States, in order to prioritise investments and reforms in research and innovation, improve access to excellence for researchers across the EU and enable research results to reach the market and the real economy.

Additionally, the Communication encourages fair and well-balanced researchers' mobiliy, upskilling and reskilling of researchers, as well as diversification of career paths and career development opportunities within the EU, gender equality, as well as better access to publicly funded peer-reviewed science.

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