Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

MSCA-IF Global Fellowships in Brazil in ICTs

    28/06/2019 05:00 - Europe/Brussels
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
    Brazil, Campinas
    Research and Development Division
    Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence

We at CPqD Foundation are very interested in hosting European fellows, acting as a Partner Organisation under the H2020 Program MSCA Global Fellowships, whose expertise takes place preferably in one or more of the following technological areas:

  1. Connectivity:

    • 5G RAN Technologies (Evolving from LTE, 5G NR, Massive Machine Type Communications - mMTC, Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications - URLLC, Massive MIMO, L3 and L2 Technologies)

    • Millimeter wave electronics and antennas

    • Software-defined radio (Algorithm optimization for GPP, GPU, DSP, FPGA)

    • Coherent and Non-coherent Optical Transmission Systems

    • Data Center Interconnect

    • Optical Amplifiers

    • Digital Signal Processing

    • Fog/Edge computing in Internet of Things (IoT)

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    • Speech Technologies (Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Voice Activity Detection)

    • Computer Vision (Image Processing, Object Detection and Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Convolutional Neural Networks)

    • Biometrics (Voice and Face Recognition, Anti-spoofing)

    • Machine Learning (Deep Learning, Data Science)

  3. Cybersecurity

    • IoT Security

    • Identity and Access Management (Continuous authentication, Authentication based on user and entity behavior, etc)

    • Information Privacy

    • Software Defined Security (SDS)

    • Self Assessment Security

    • Virtual Identity

    • Cognitive Security

  4. Blockchain

    • Smart Contract

    • Security Applications

    • Consensus modeling

    • Private, Public and Hybrid network

    • Attack against Blockchain ecosystem

    • Blockchain - IoT

  5. Optical Fiber Sensing​​​​​​​

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fiber Bragg grating sensing: sensor and interrogation development, multiparameter applications in real environment.

    • Fiber optical distributed sensing based on Rayleigh, Brillouin and Raman scattering.

    • Fiber optical spectroscopy applications (oil and gas, electric system, health).

    • Power over fiber applications and developments for real applications.

  6. Energy

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Algorithm’s Development for Li-ion batteries applied in electric/hybrid vehicles: cell balancing, State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH).

    • Algorithm’s Development for Li-ion and Lead-acid batteries applied in stationary systems with alternative energy sources: cell balancing, State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH).

    • New applications for second life Li–ion batteries.

    • Home energy systems based on electric cars/vehicles.

    • Computational analysis (steady state and transient) and modeling electrical network, including photovoltaic and wind generation and vehicle to grid (V2G).

    • Development of power electronic applied to photovoltaic, wind generation and electrical vehicles.

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