Online Lecture Series “Culture, Media, and Technology” #2

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Online Lecture Series “Culture, Media, and Technology” #2


Organisers: Chang Liu (Heidelberg University) and Sun Mingli (Jilin University)

Time: Beijing Time 21:00 (CET 15:00), June 8, 2021

Title: "How Video Games Think: Concepts for Twenty-First-Century Culture"

Speaker: Patrick Jagoda is Professor of Cinema & Media Studies and English at the University of Chicago. He is Executive Editor of Critical Inquiry and director of the Weston Game Lab. He is also co-founder of the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab and Transmedia Story Lab. Patrick's books include Network Aesthetics (2016), The Game Worlds of Jason Rohrer (2016), and Experimental Games: Critique, Play, and Design in the Age of Gamification (2020). He has also designed numerous alternate reality games, video games, and board games about issues that include climate change, public health, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Patrick is a recipient of a 2020 Guggenheim Fellowship.

Abstract: Since the mid-twentieth century, video games have transformed from computer hacks undertaken in university labs and past times experienced in arcades and internet cafes to the world’s most profitable artistic and cultural form. As the medium has matured in the early twenty-first century, video games have introduced a new language, aesthetic field, and mode of thought that is distinct from visual media of the twentieth century, including film and television. This talk approaches video games not only as a technological medium or artistic form but also as machines for constructing new concepts in the twenty-first century. Drawing from my book Experimental Games, I explore the ways that games can help us think through political, economic, and cultural concepts that include choice, control, difficulty, failure, and improvisation. Moreover, I contend that games can enable us to experiment with the world around us in unprecedented ways.

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About the organisers:

Chang Liu is a PhD candidate at Heidelberg University’s Centre for Transcultural Studies, where he studies the reception history of American pop icon Madonna in Post-Mao China. Before pursuing an academic career in Germany, he lived in Beijing and worked at the French Embassy as the musical affairs officer.

Sun Mingli is Professor of English at Jilin University’s College of Foreign Languages. She received her PhD from Jilin University, and she is specialized in American culture and literature, and particularly literature and journalism, literature and war, critical race studies, and American ethnic literature.