Press Release: The Ireland America Science Forum's Fall Reception

The Ireland America Science Forum Holds Fall Reception in Washington, D.C. with Irish Ambassador to the U.S. Daniel Mulhall

The Ireland America Science Forum (IASF) held a gathering at the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C. in October 2019, which brought together a full house of Irish and Irish America scientists and professionals devoted to deepening the science dialogue between Ireland and the United States. The IASF evolved from the original Wild Geese Network. IASF's mission is to create linkages between people who would not otherwise have met to explore and make discoveries that they never would have done alone.

IASF President and Chair Dr. Deborah Brosnan addressed the attendees on the unique opportunities for innovation and technological advances that exist between our two nations and the leadership role that IASF will play in driving scientific progress. Irish Ambassador to the United States Daniel Mulhall attended the event and praised the IASF for its work to boost two-way scientific and education links between Ireland and the United States. During the remarks, IASF Vice President Dr. Robert Mauro highlighted the important partnerships that academic institutions, particularly Boston College, play in supporting the IASF and its mission.

An IASF event is planned in Washington, D.C. for December 2019 and also for the “Female Founders in STEM” event in Boston on February 13, 2020.