Spain: Electrical Engineering MsC/PhD Role at Power Electronics Start-up

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Frenetic is a Spanish Power Electronics start-up currently in scale-up phase, with a presence in more than 15 countries. It has recently been nominated as one of the 50 best startups in Spain. The work is in the area of magnetics with A.I. technology, which replaces the need for outdated engineering methods.


Frenetic uses this technology to design optimal transformers and inductors, build and test samples in their laboratory, and get the best manufacturing solutions for clients in order to ensure that quality and timelines are respected.


They are actively recruiting for a Scientific Expert, who will be in charge of creating, analyzing, and disseminating magnetic component designs including high-frequency inductors, transformers for DC/DC, and AC/DC converters.


Internally: The Scientific Expert will lead the reference designs team working closely with technical directors and sales.


Externally: The Scientific Expert will liaise with clients to address specific technical issues and queries.


Main responsibilities

  • Create transformers and inductors using the most advanced technologies and propose technical tasks to the development team
  • Act as the main technical representative for the company, organising demonstrations and speaking at technical conferences
  • Direct and manage the experiments conducted in our laboratory and produce technical reports for specialised publications


See the post on the EURAXESS Jobs portal for more information.


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